Month: August 2023

How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

RoofClaim clients are typically covered by their insurance for the cost of a new roof. You will need to consider the cost of your roofing materials as well as labor rates. Below you can find estimates based upon basic asphalt shingles and residential home sizes. Materials As you can imagine, materials for a new roof…

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Gutters – Hire a Pro or DIY?

Gutters keep rainwater from pooling around the house, which can cause damage to soffits, fascia, and siding. They also help to avoid soil erosion and basement leaks. But without properly functioning gutters, water could spill over or back up and flood the attic, basement, and surrounding yard. This creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes and…

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How Much Does It Cost to Stucco A House?

How Much Does It Cost to Stucco A House? The cost of stuccoing a house is affected by many factors. The size of the home and the type finish are two of the most important factors. Two coats of finish are required for some finishes like lace texture or skip trowel texture. Cost of Materials…

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